“The squadron is the beating heart of the United States Air Force; our most essential team. We succeed or fail in our missions at the squadron-level because that is where we develop, train, and build Airmen.”

– Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein

What is Unite?

The Unite Program was established by the Air Force Services Center (AFSVC) to provide squadron commanders with the resources to facilitate unit cohesion, team building and morale — and in turn, revitalize squadrons.

Unite provides Commanders with funding for programs that will benefit all Airmen in their unit. This includes assigned Active Duty and APF/NAF Civilians.

Establish Your Unit POC


  • Work with Yokota’s Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) to brainstorm and plan your squadron event
  • Complete and route all necessary forms.
  • Build excitement for event within squadron.
  • Ensure budget limits are maintained at all times.
  • Submit feedback following event.

What is a "Unite" Event?

Unite events focus on units rather than individuals with an emphasis on team building. Events are open to all Airmen: active duty, APF, NAF, Local Nationals and assigned reserve units. It is up to your unit to determine what type of event will most benefit your squadron.





Tama Hills


Outdoor Rec


Yokota Golf Center





Plan Your Event

  • STEP 1: Unit POC and C3 Meet to Custom Plan Event

    – Contact Yokota’s Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) to discuss the proposed event and authorized expenses

  • STEP 2: Prepare and route request form to UNITE office

    – Complete the Event Proposal form and Fund Request form. POC will obtain squadron commander’s signature and forward to C3. C3 will submit to AFSVC for approval.

  • STEP 3: Event is Paid with C3 Credit Card or TBCC

    – Confirm event date, time and location and provide final attendee count with DoD ID numbers no later than 72 hours prior for on base events. Off base events may vary by contractor.

  • Step 4: Survey & Feedback to AFSVC (All Unit Participants)

    – Ensure 90-second survey is completed by participants five business days after every event. Survey will be sent following event by RAND Corporation Surveys based on the DoD ID numbers for each participant.

    – Provide C3 with After Action Report within two business day after every event.

Primary Contact 
Email: 374fss.fsbu.uniteprogram@us.af.mil
DSN: 225-1430
Nathan Evans, C3 Coordinator
Email: Nathan.Evans.20@us.af.mil
DSN: 225-1432
TSgt William Kirk III
Email: William.Kirk.3@us.af.mil
DSN: 225-1430
The UNITE Office is located in the Yujo Community Center