In response to COVID-19 guidance —

The CDC is open to currently enrolled members. There is a reduced ratio and additional risk reduction measures are being taken.
Current operating hours are from 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Thank you for your understanding. We will keep you updated of any changes.

The Child Development Center provides care for infants through preschool age children in an environment rich in experiences that enhance social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.



Hourly Child Care

Hourly care is designed to provide intermittent child care for families who may have a medical appointment, want to work out at the Fitness Center or simply have some time to themselves. The Child Development Center (CDC) offers hourly care for ages 6 months up to 5 years not yet enrolled in kindergarten.

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Cost is only $5 per hour.

This program is open to all parents on base.

Current immunization record, completion of AF Form 1181 and a signed hourly care agreement are required prior to care being provided. Children with special needs must be vetted through the Inclusion Action Team prior to care being provided.

Parents may make reservations up to one week in advance.

If hourly care space is unavailable, parents may choose to be placed on a waiting list. The Child Development Center staff will call families on the waiting list in the order received if a space becomes available.

Cancellations are required 48 hours in advance.


Give Parents a Break

The Give Parents a Break (GPAB) program is funded by the Air Force Aid Society and is designed to provide relief for active duty Air Force parents experiencing stress from deployments or TDYs, an emergency situation such as illness of a family member, a recent move, unique circumstances or hardships or having difficulties faced from just being a parent.

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How can I receive services?

A referral certificate is required for participation in the program.
Agencies that can refer families to the GPAB program include:

  • the Squadron Commander or First Sergeant
  • Doctor or Other Medical Professional
  • Family Support Personnel
  • Life Skills Personnel
  • Chaplain
  • Child Development Center or Youth Center director

What is the cost?

It’s FREE! AFAS pays the cost of a monthly 4-5 hour session at the Child Development Centers or the Youth Center.

GPAB was cancelled. Why?

In agreement with Airman and Family Services (AF), GBAP will not be held if there are fewer than eight children registered for the session.

Disclaimer: Before using the Give Parents A Break program, parents need to complete AF Form 1181, which is available at the Child Development Center. All children must have current immunizations in order to attend.


PCS Child Care

This program is intended to provide assistance to families in the process of a PCS move. The Air Force Aid Society will pay up to 20 hours of child care (per child) in certified Family Child Care homes on base or in Air Force affiliated homes off base. Eligible families may receive a certificate either at the base the family is departing from or at the base where the family is arriving (if both bases offer the program).

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A list of FCC providers is available from the Family Child Care (FCC) Coordinator or at the A&FRC.

You can pick up your PCS for Child Care certificate at the A&FRC office located in Bldg. 535. For more information, please contact the FCC Coordinator at 225-8810.

Disclaimer: Child care is based on availability of certified or affiliated Family Child Care providers. This program is open to all ranks; however, if there is shortage of child care providers, priority is given to those in the junior enlisted ranks.


This program is open to all ranks if childcare spaces are available. Only active duty Air Force personnel may participate. The family must be on PCS orders and request a certificate within 60 days of their departure from or arrival at Yokota AB. Certificates are valid only at the base at which they are issued and unused hours do not transfer from one base to another.

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