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To create, protect, and sustain Airpower…Everyday, by enhancing readiness, force management/development, productivity, and QoL


To be the best FSS in the Air Force…finding a way to “Yes” and providing unequaled programs and services


Mission…People…Service –– world-class customer service

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Email: kaori.meaders.jp@us.af.mil


Email: 374fss.fsk.1@us.af.mil

The Force Support Squadron provides leadership with force management/shaping/development; 13 feeding operations; personnel readiness and accountability; lodgment of forces; fit to fight activities; airmen regeneration and resiliency activities; infant to teenager development; airmen and family reunification activities; hosting of official functions; community building; casualty/mortuary affairs and adaptive flexibility to meet the mission.
Of special note in 2015:

– MPS/IPR: Deployed 107 Airmen to support 12 missions.

– MPS/CPO: 15.5K military and civilian personnel actions completed.

– Honor Guard: 31 members, 105 details and 1.2K hours.

– NEO: Regional focal point for Evacuation/Reception; four exercises.

– PACAF Regional Mortuary: Ensured dignified honors for 12 fallen members.

– Professional Development: Trained148 ALS/277 FTAC and held 74 bilateral

– Education and Training: Certified $1.5M Tuition Assistance, 6.4K college
credits, tested 1.4K Amn.

– Earned 20 program/individual awards across the base, Pacific, and MAJCOM.

Commander: Lt. Col. Jennifer Chang

Deputy Commander: Mr. Raymond Magby

Operations Officer:

Squadron Superintendent: CMSgt Jason Caros

Squadron First Sergeant: MSgt Teresa Tyler

Chief, Civilian Personnel Flight: Ms. Renee Cooper

Chief, Manpower & Organization: Mr. Shawn Gilmore

Military Personnel Flight Commander: Capt Chantel Wilmot

Sustainment Services Flight Commander: Capt Jesse Salgado

Chief, Child & Youth Flight: Ms. Michelle Crawford

Chief, Airman & Family Readiness Flight: Ms. Carla Tyson (interim)

Chief, Force Development Flight: Mr. Rupert Harmon

Chief, Community Services Flight: Ms. Wendy McCollum

Chief, Business Operations Flight: Mr. Joseph Heinrichs

Chief, Resource Management Flight: Mr. Michael Solberg

Chief, Marketing:

Chief, Unit Training: Mr. Joshua Dunn

Civilian Personnel Flight
Manpower/Organization Flight
Military Personnel Flight
Sustainment Services Flight
Airman & Family Services Flight
Force Development Flight
Community Services Flight
Resource Management Flight
Unit training
Readiness & Plans

– The FSS is comprised of eight flights, 49 business/service activities, 159 facilities, $460M in assets, and $7.2M NAF personnel/contractor annual payroll back into the YAB community.

– The FSS has 1025 members: 80 military, 80 appropriated fund civilians, 270 non-appropriated fund civilians, 465 local nationals, and 130 contractors.

– Through 29K programs/activities/services and 2.7M customer contacts/year the FSS provides enhanced quality of life, facilities, and programs for 11.5K Yokota Air Base community members, and over 150K transient personnel per year. MWRF is 4th largest in the AF: $33.8M

Pacific Air Forces A1 Awards, 2016

Dr. Beverly L. Schmalzried Award, Mr. Robert Glassheim
Arts & Crafts Program of the Year
Marketing Program of the Year

Air Force Association (PACAF) Awards, 2015

Outstanding Air Force Senior Civilian Manager (GS14-15), Mr. Paul Keenan
Outstanding Air Force Civilian Program Manager (GS12-13), Mr. Jonathan Boyd

Air Force A1 Awards, 2015

Civilian Personnel Program of the Year

Pacific Air Forces A1 Awards, 2015

Aero Club Program of the Year
Arts & Crafts Program of the Year
Outdoor Recreation Program of the Year
Professional Development Program of the Year
Resource Management Program of the Year
Roger M. Blanchard Memorial Award, Mr. Jonathan Boyd
General Billy J. Boles Mentorship Award, MSgt Brad Claypool
Force Support Squadron Section Chief of the Year, Mr. Patrick Coleman

Air Force A1 Awards, 2014

Force Support Squadron Section Chief of the Year, Mr. Claude Bryant
Force Support Squadron Specialist of the Year, Mr. Derrick Royster

Pacific Air Forces A1 Awards, 2014

Major General Eugene L. Eubank Award
2015 John L. Hennessy Food Service Excellence Award
Arts & Crafts Program of the Year
Enlisted Professional Military Education Team of the Year
Human Resources Program of the Year
Manpower & Organization Program of the Year
Youth Program of the Year
Lieutenant General Norm Lezy Award, Capt Douglas Hickey

Unit Funds

Yokota Air Base Morale Welfare and Recreation Fund budgets non-appropriated funds to support organizational parties, picnics or similar activities. After allowances for base-wide and group level events, the FY19 approved budget provides funds not to exceed $7.00 per military and U.S. civilian employee for squadron level events.

Special Morale Welfare

Yokota Air Base limits funds allocated to contribute to the overall morale and welfare of military community.

For example: Promotion Ceremonies, Retirement Ceremonies, Change of Command, Assumption of Duty, Annual Awards Ceremony, and etc.