“The squadron is the beating heart of the United States Air Force; our most essential team. We succeed or fail in our missions at the squadron-level because that is where we develop, train, and build Airmen.”

– Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein

What is UNITE?

The UNITE Program was established in August 2018 by the Air Force Services Center (AFSVC) to provide Squadron Commanders with the maximum flexibility to deliver recreational programs that build unit cohesion among personnel. The Yokota UNITE Team will provide the necessary information, tools, and funding to execute recreational focused UNITE events that facilitate unit cohesion and help revitalize squadrons.

UNITE events will benefit all Airmen in a unit – Active AF, Reserve and Civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated employees) directly assigned to the squadron. Family members and contractors are highly encouraged to participate and must pay any associated expenses.

UNITE ~ Building Unit Cohesion Through Group Recreation

How to request and use your UNITE funds

To receive UNITE funds, which cover activity fees and recreational activities as well as food allowance, Squadron Commanders or their designated UNITE POC's must complete and submit a UNITE Appointment Letter as well as a UNITE Event Proposal Form.

Your Yokota UNITE Team will assist you with the planning, development, and coordination of UNITE events whether on or off the installation. You have the flexibility of creating your own unit-developed event or select from a wide variety of ready-to-execute programs. There are two types of funds available for approved events:

Funds for UNITE

Need Ideas for Your UNITE Event?

Readymade on-base events at FSS facilities below:

Host Your UNITE Event

  • STEP 1: Complete a UNITE POC Appointment Letter

    – Squadron Commanders will appoint squadron UNITE POC(s). The POC is the only person who can submit or make changes for event.

  • STEP 2: Complete an Event Proposal Form

    – Prepare and route event request with details for your event.

     Forward completed documents to the Yokota UNITE Org Box: 374fss.fsbu.uniteprogram@us.af.mil 

    UNITE Appointment Letters and Event Proposal Forms are accepted 1 Jan 2023 through 15 Oct 2023. It is recommended to submit all Event Proposal Forms 30 days prior to your event date, but required no later than 14 days prior.

    *After 31 October 2023, All non-obligated funds will be pulled to host a base-wide UNITE event and utilize as much of the UNITE funds available to prevent loss of funds.

  • STEP 3: Event Prep

    – Once event is approved by AFSVC, confirm date and time with venue/vendors, and coordinate date and time to purchase food with your Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3).

  • STEP 4: Have Fun at Your Event!

  • STEP 5: Complete After Action Report

    – Complete 90-second survey and forward back with 3 photos two business days after your event.

Email: 374fss.fsbu.uniteprogram@us.af.mil
DSN: 225-1430
The UNITE Office is located in the Yujo Community Center Bldg. 327