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The ITT office is open as scheduled and currently operating trips while adhering to COVID-19 health  and safety directives. 

Upcoming Trips





27mar7:00 am6:00 pmAncient Japanese Village and Fuji Flower & Bird Park

28mar7:00 am6:00 pmShosenkyo Gorge and Samurai Temple

17apr7:00 am6:30 pmAncient Japanese Village & Oshino Village

Shinkansen Bullet Train Packages

*Includes roundtrip Shinkansen fare and one-night accommodation.

**Includes round-trip Shinkansen fare and two-night accommodation.

Tour Policies

Yokota ITT Tour Policy
•Yokota ITT tours are open to all active duty military, DoD civilians, retired military and their dependents. Sponsored guests of eligible customers may also participate on ITT tours. Customers must be 18 or older to sign up for ITT tours. Participants 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
•Eligible customers are permitted to purchase up to ten tickets. For special tours, customers are permitted to purchase up to five tickets.
•Please sign up for tours in person at the ITT office. Reservations over the phone or on Yokota ITT’s Facebook are not accepted.
•Please notify ITT staff of any special needs you or your family may have (e.g., wheelchair accessibility, physical or health disabilities, etc.)
•Payment for the cost of the tour is due at the time of reservation. The ITT office accepts U.S. dollars, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and U.S. checks. Japanese yen is not accepted. Certain trips offer payment plans and will be indicated on the tour description.
•Yokota ITT is not responsible for any accidents due to personal negligence or misconduct on tours. Yokota ITT is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings during tours.
•Tour itineraries may change due to traffic and/or other uncontrollable circumstances. The itinerary may also change prior to departure. In the case of itinerary changes, the ITT office will notify passengers registered for the trip as soon as possible.
•Trips may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. If canceled, the ITT office will notify passengers registered for the trip as soon as possible.
•Yokota ITT is not responsible for customers that cannot be contacted by their phone number or email provided at time of booking. Customers with any questions or concerns may contact the ITT office at DSN: 227-7083/7084, or For the most up-to-date information on Yokota ITT trips and tours, please visit
•Please read the brochure’s tour descriptions thoroughly. There will be rest stops on all tours lasting over two hours. It is recommended that you bring enough yen to cover the cost of snacks and meals. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure time to allow yourself enough time to check in and find a seat. The bus will depart promptly on schedule.
•Buses for all ITT tours depart from the parking lot between the Enlisted Club and building 2000. We ask that all passengers return to the same seat taken at the beginning of the tour and return to the bus on time as directed by the tour guide.
•Parents must ensure their children are well behaved and do not disturb other passengers. Listening and/or watching videos, music, etc. is permitted with the use of headphones. Please refrain from talking on the phone while seated on the bus.
•Yokota ITT will make every reasonable effort to accommodate group seating when requested. However, due to seating and ticket availability, this may not always be possible.



Yokota Tour Wait-List Policy
A waiting list is available for tours that have reached maximum capacity. If there are any cancellations, ITT staff will contact those on the waiting list at most two times via phone. If there is no answer, ITT will move on to the next person on the list. Customers are responsible for making sure that the contact information provided is correct.

Inclement Weather
All tour cancellations due to inclement weather will be determined by 4 p.m. the day before the scheduled tour. Customers will be notified by 6 p.m. the day before.

Yokota Tours Refund Policies
• One-Day Tours: Refunds are provided for cancellations made four or more business days prior to the tour date. Cancellations made after four business days will not be refunded.
• Overnight Tours: Please see the tour brochure for the cancellation policy.
• In case of a TDY, TAD, exercise or recall, a written document (e.g., TDY orders or letter from squadron commander/first sergeant) must be presented prior to departure for a refund.
• In the event that Yokota ITT has already purchased admission tickets, customers will have to pay for the ticket cost regardless of the reason for cancellation.
• Please have receipt ready at the time of refund. Refunds cannot be given 30 days after the event date.

Policy for Conduct & Alcoholic Beverages on FSS Tour Buses
•Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the seating and aisle area of the bus. All coolers containing alcoholic beverages must be stored within the bus luggage compartment located below and separate from the seating compartment.
•Passengers found in the seating area with an alcoholic beverage will be directed to immediately remove the beverage from the bus. Passengers who refuse to comply will be released at the closest train station or an equivalent location.
•Intoxicated and belligerent passengers will be refused admittance on the bus and referred to the 374th MSG Commander for disciplinary action.

Yokota ITT Tour Health Protection Measures
•Due to minimal social distancing, ITT staff will be assigning seats on the bus. The seating arrangement will be posted by the bus door. Tour participants should check their seats upon boarding the bus and be seated in their assigned seat(s).
•All passengers are required to wear a mask while traveling/seated on the bus with the exception of children under the age of 3 and children with medical conditions such as asthma. Children under 2 should not wear masks.
•Please follow social distancing rules at each sightseeing area and rest stop. Masks are required in most buildings. Customers may be denied entry without a mask. Customers may be subject to temperature checks at certain sightseeing areas. Those with a fever (anything above 99 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.2 degrees Celsius), may be denied entry to certain places. Customers may also be asked to sanitize their hands with alcohol spray. Customers may be required to wait prior to entering certain places due to restrictions on the number of people allowed inside the building at one time.


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