Yujo Community Center

The Yujo Community Center is the focal point for local information within Japan. It is located on the Central side of Yokota Air Base at Bldg. 327.

We offer:

Hours & Contact Info

Phone: 225-7713 DSN

Commercial from US: 011-81-31175-57713

Location: Bldg. 327


Mon-Sat • 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sun • Closed
Hol • 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Fam/Recon Day/Exr • Normal

Community Activities Director: Michele Jacobs

Assistant Manager: VACANT

Email: michele.jacobs@us.af.mil; yujo.community.center@gmail.com


Yokota Community Centers
374 FSS/FSCP Unit 5119
Yokota AB Japan APO AP

If you are PCSing or just arriving and looking to sell or purchase a vehicle, the Yokota Lemon Lot is the place for you!

Yujo Lemon Lot Permit Fee is $10, Lemon Lot Virtual Fee is $10 or $15 if registering your vehicle on both the Actual Lemon Lot and Virtual Lemon Lot for a 30 day permit period.  There is no refundable deposit fee required!

Register your vehicle at the Yujo Community Center before placing it on the resale lot. The following items are required to register:

  • JCI
  • Vehicle Model
  • Liability Insurance
  • Road Tax of the Year
  • Japanese Inspection
  • Date of Base Inspection

Vehicles parked at the resale lot without a permit or with an expired permit will be cited and subject to be impounded. For more information, contact the Yujo Community Center.

Buy or Sell Cars Online

Yujo Virtual Lemon Lot