Yujo Community Center

The Yujo Community Center is the focal point for local information within Japan. It is located on the Central side of Yokota Air Base at Bldg. 327.

We offer:

  • Information Tickets & Travel
  • Maps by train, by car & by foot
  • Lemon Lot
  • Video Game Area
  • Lounge Area (By Reservation)
  • USO Facility
  • WILTEC Auto Insurance

Mon–Sat 9 a.m.–7 p.m.

Sun Closed

Hol 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Fam/Exr Normal

If you are PCSing or just arriving and looking to sell or purchase a vehicle, the Yokota Lemon Lot is the place for you!

Lemon Lot – 1 month $15
Lemon Lot – 3 months (Based On Space Availability) $40
Virtual Lemon Lot – 1 month $15
Virtual Lemon Lot – 3 months $40
Lemon Lot & Virtual Lemon Lot – (Both for 1 Month) $25
Lemon Lot & Virtual Lemon Lot – (Both for 3 months) $60

Yujo offers both a POV Lemon Lot and Lemon Lot website for those looking to buy or sell a vehicle. Check out YokotaLemonLot.com or visit the POV Lemon Lot, located adjacent to the Kanto Lodge. To register, or for more information, please visit or call the Yujo.

Register your vehicle at the Yujo Community Center before placing it on the resale lot. The following items are required to register:

  • JCI
  • Vehicle Model
  • Liability Insurance
  • Road Tax of the Year
  • Japanese Inspection
  • Date of Base Inspection

Vehicles parked at the resale lot without a permit or with an expired permit will be cited and subject to be impounded. For more information, contact the Yujo Community Center.

Buy or Sell Cars Online

Yujo Virtual Lemon Lot