Lieutenant General George Churchill Kenney, U.S. Army Air Forces

(August 6, 1889 – August 9, 1977)

General Kenney, the commander of Allied Air Forces and Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific from 1942-1945, had a highly decorated 30-year military career and played a key part in shaping American military efforts in the Southwest Pacific.

Interesting Fact: Recognized during his time as a military innovator and pioneer, General Kenney’s air strategic combat techniques and tactics during WWII are still used by the Armed Forces today.

Major Raymond Harrell Wilkins, U.S. Army Air Forces

(September 28, 1917 – November 2, 1943)

Major Wilkins joined the Army from his birth state Virginia in 1936 and received the military’s highest decoration – the Medal of Honor – for his heroic actions in World War II. Yokota Air Base was in the process of having its official name changed to “Wilkins Army Airfield” (WAAB), but orders for this proposal never arrived.

Interesting Fact: Today, several manhole covers throughout Yokota AB are still embellished with the initials “WAAB” reminiscent of the preparation in anticipation for the pending name change that never took place.

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