Calling all artists of Yokota!

Help FSS create its 2024 Calendar!



Allen, Evie_12_Colored Pencils

Allen, Evie
Colored Pencils

Anonymous_Acrylic on Wood

Schwegel, Chelsea
Acrylic on Wood

Arcos-Gamboa, Joana_Crochet_AcrylicYarn

Arcos-Gamboa, Joana
Crochet AcrylicYarn

Ardito, Karleen_23_MixMedia_Pen-Marker-Photoshop

Ardito, Karleen
MixMedia Pen Marker Photoshop

Davenport, Everly_8_MixMedia_Pencil-ColorPencil-Markers

Davenport, Everly
MixMedia_Pencil Color Pencil Markers

Duval, Nathan_Digital_Inkscape

Duval, Nathan
Digital Inkscape

Mader, Emma_10_Color Pencils

Mader, Emma
Color Pencils

McIntosh, Ray_Watercolor

McIntosh, Ray

Untitled Artwork

McRae, Heather
Digital Procreate

Myers, Sherri_Digital_GIMP

Myers, Sherri
Digital GIMP

Pinpin, Jose_Digital_Photoshop

Pinpin, Jose

Pukay-Martin, Ashley_FacePaint

Pukay-Martin Ashley

Walker, Adrian_MixMedia_ColorPencilsStamps

Watkins, Adrian
MixMedia Color Pencils Stamps

Submission Deadline

Fri • 1 Sep • 11:59 p.m.


Samurai Fox

Samurai Fox is the 374th Force Support Squadron’s official mascot.
He is clad in FSS-blue samurai gear and is typically depicted as a blue-eyed fox. Draw, paint, cosplay or model our mascot in your style!
Our only request is that the artwork is easily identifiable as Samurai Fox.

The winning submissions will get their artwork displayed in the 2024 FSS calendar and a Horizons main article!

Submission Specifications

  • Follow the theme
  • Please refrain from adding too much text to the image (It is advisable not to add any text)
  • Limit one entry per person
  • Any medium is allowed, including but not limited to: acrylic, watercolor, oil, digital (2D or 3D), clay, paper mache, crochet, sewing (cosplay), etc.
  • Image, or photo for those wishing to use 3D media or cosplay, must be submitted in landscape orientation with a minimum height of 5.5 in./1583 px.
  • For those creating a digital image, please set your dpi/resolution to 300
  • File formats accepted: JPEG or PNG


Be mindful of the background. Drawings or paintings with something more than an empty white background will have a higher chance of being chosen. Be aware that the edges of your submission may be cropped if the image is too big. Keep in mind that the month’s name will be added somewhere to the image, so plan your composition accordingly.


SOFA status individuals currently stationed at Yokota AB

That’s all!

How to Enter

Please email your submission to with “2024 FSS Calendar” in the subject line. Please include your name (if you would like to be credited as Anonymous, please let us know), age (not required), and medium or software used. If your file size is too small or doesn’t match the landscape orientation, you may be asked to resubmit your image.


Images will be chosen by the FSS Marketing Department using the following criteria:
• Interpretation and clarity of theme
• Creativity and originality
• Overall design (how well the design fits for its intended purpose)


Twelve winners will be announced on our Yokota Force Support Squadron Facebook page and contacted via email on Friday, 8 September.

If you have any questions, email and add “2024 FSS Calendar” in the subject line.

Please note: By submitting your artwork, you grant Yokota Marketing and its affiliates, to include the U.S. Air Force and all instrumentalities and agencies thereof (the Government), the right to re-use, edit, copy, publish, and re-publish the assets in any medium, free of any claims or demands thereof.