Arts & Crafts Center

Explore Japanese textiles, pottery and glass factories, shop at local vendors for unique gifts for your friends and family with special trips by Arts & Crafts Center!

Bldg. 334 • 315-225-9044 DSN

Outdoor Recreation Logo

Outdoor Recreation

Do you enjoy biking, fishing, hiking, skydiving, snowboarding or any other outdoor activities? Browse the upcoming trips and equipment rental options!

Bldg. 564 • 315-225-4552 DSN

Information, Tickets & Travel

Check out upcoming trips and tours around Japan or book an overseas vacation with the Night Flight travel agency!

Bldg. 555 • 315-227-7084 DSN

Community Centers

Yujo Community Center

If you prefer traveling on your own, but still need advice on the best places to see or want driving directions, stop by Yujo front desk. Check out their collection of maps to the most popular destinations on Yujo Community Center page.

Bldg. 555 • 315-225-7713 DSN

Vehicle Ops w Bus

Vehicle Operations/Van Rental

If you are planning a trip to the Narita or Haneda airport, use the shuttle bus service. Rental buses, vans and even pick-up trucks are available for rent.

Bldg. 1290 • 315-225-7720 DSN