Mashiko Pottery Tour

Starts in 5 Days, 18 Hours

July 28, 2018 7:45 am - 6:30 pm Asia/Tokyo

Arts & Crafts Center

Arts & Crafts Center Bldg. 334


Sat • 28 Jul • 7:45 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

$45 Ages 13 & Up, $38 Ages 7-12

Arts & Crafts Center • Sign Up By 24 Jul

The first stop will be Tsukamoto, the largest pottery production company within the town of Mashiko. Observe the wooden fire kiln, take a backstage tour of the factory and visit the pottery museum.* We will then go to the center street of the pottery town and explore a variety of pottery shops in the area. We are sure you’ll find something you like!

*300 yen for adults, 150 yen for ages six through 12. This fee is not included. An additional fee may be charged depending on the exhibition.

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